Men’s Health Month To Highlight Prostate Health
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Men’s Health Month To Highlight Prostate Health

A Men’s Health Day event will be held on November 1st at the City Hall steps.

A spokesperson said, “In a proactive step towards shining a light on men’s health, Bermuda is set to host a Men’s Health Day on November 1, 12 pm at the City Hall steps. This event serves as the commencement of Men’s Health Month, with a particular emphasis on prostate health.

“The alarming rise in daily diagnoses of prostate cancer, coupled with the avoidable fatalities due to a lack of early detection, underscores the urgent need for this initiative. Men’s Health Day aims to underscore the invaluable benefit of early detection and persistent awareness.

“Event Highlights:

  • Town Crier Announcement: An official proclamation underscoring the gravity of Men’s Health in Bermuda.
  • Welcome Address by The Mayor: An emphasis on the necessity of regular health check-ups and early prostate cancer detection.
  • Expert Insights: A guest urologist will shed light on critical facets of prostate health, early detection methods, and preventive measures.
  • Daily Male Organization Address: Spotlighting their pivotal role in enhancing men’s health awareness in Bermuda.
  • Survivor Stories: Authentic testimonies reflecting the tribulations and triumphs faced during a prostate cancer journey.
  • Proclamation: Reinforcing Bermuda’s dedication to advancing men’s health awareness.

“This initiative aims not only to inform but to transform the quality of life for men in Bermuda. The full program for the Prostate Awareness Day in Bermuda is as detailed above. Let us all unite in the mission to make men’s health a priority.”

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