Beechwood Medical Centre – Pregnancy Advice
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Beechwood Medical Centre – Pregnancy Advice

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Some useful information for early pregnancy

  1. How to contact your midwife: July 2023: a new maternity enquiry line will soon be available.  The details will be added here as soon as they are ready

    You can read more about antenatal care here

  2. Recommended Supplements:
  3. Recommended Vaccinations in Pregnancy available at your surgery
  4. Stop smoking: contact your practice for details of smoking clinics.
  5. Click here for an information leaflet (PDF, 845KB) which describes the vaccinations that help protect you and your baby during and after pregnancy.

Please click here to view the Better Births Maternity Enquiry Line poster (PDF, 131KB)

Please click here to view a helpful guide of who to contact during your pregnancy (PDF, 318KB)


Text below if from the above image, this is for accessibily.

Better Births
Calderdale and Huddersfield Maternity Services

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Positive  Pregnancy Test?

Happy to continue?
Contact Maternity Services as soon as possible to book your care


• Pregnancy care is  FREE at the point of contact in the UK
• 8-10 weeks will be your first midwife appointment
• 10-12 weeks will be your first scan

Best start for baby

• Start taking FOLIC ACID 400mcg and VITAMIN D 10mcg
• STOP smoking, STOP drinking alcohol, STOP using street drugs
• HELP is available through your GP, Pharmacy or search on-line
• Eat a healthy, balanced diet and continue with gentle exercise

For more information Visit:

Not sure if you want to continue?
See your GP As Soon As Possible to discuss your options or contact

Pregnancy Counselling Kirklees
01484 515137

Heatherdale Clinic
(Calderdale Royal Hospital)
01422 224979 / 01422 224962

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