Women Caucus Breast Cancer Awareness Event
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Women Caucus Breast Cancer Awareness Event

“The rally call to support the PLP Women’s Caucus Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Breakfast Forum far surpassed all expectations,” Progressive Labour Party Chairwoman Dawn Simmons said.

Ms Simmons said, “The event turned out to be a resounding success, drawing a remarkable response from the community. The forum centered around the critical issue of breast cancer education, emphasizing its significance for both women and men. Given the gravity of the topic, it necessitates ongoing and repeated communication to raise awareness and foster understanding.

“Held on a bright Saturday morning in October at the West Pembroke Primary School Auditorium, the forum commenced with a sense of anticipation. As attendees poured in, they were greeted with a delightful continental breakfast, setting a warm and welcoming tone for the gathering. The event attracted a diverse crowd, with well over 100 individuals present, including a few men who demonstrated their unwavering support for the cause.

“Taking the stage as the moderator, Mrs. Elaine Butterfield addressed the audience, expressing her gratitude for their presence and their collective commitment to combatting breast cancer. She underscored the significance of their participation, emphasizing that by coming together, they were actively taking a stand against the disease.

“Mrs. Butterfield asserted that through the collaborative efforts of those affected by breast cancer and those tirelessly working to eradicate it, advancements could be made in early diagnosis, the development of new treatments, and the prevention of all types of cancers. She urged the audience to envision a world where breast cancer held no power over their lives, inspiring them to join the fight.

“With the stage set, the focus shifted to an engaging and enlightening presentation titled ‘Know Your Lemons.’ Guided by Mrs. Azuree Williams, the Event and Program Manager for the TB Cancer & Health Centre, the audience delved into the realm of early detection and its critical role in combating breast cancer.

‘Mrs. Williams, a certified ‘Lemonista,’ captivated the audience as she unveiled a thought-provoking campaign that employed lemons as a clever metaphor for breast self-examination and education. Through a captivating film, the audience was guided through the signs to look for, empowering them to be proactive in their own health. The presentation aimed to dispel the fear often associated with discovering and recognizing potential symptoms, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and the impact it can have on saving lives.

“The PLP Women’s Caucus Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Breakfast Forum proved to be a truly transformative event, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. It not only provided valuable education and information regarding breast cancer but also fostered a sense of unity and purpose within the community. With the knowledge gained and the collective determination ignited, the attendees left the forum equipped to make a tangible difference in the fight against breast cancer.”

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