Greenrock Offshore Wind Location Assessment
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Greenrock Offshore Wind Location Assessment

Greenrock released the third study in their offshore wind feasibility study series – an Offshore Wind Location Assessment.

A spokesperson said, “This study was commissioned to help us determine the most technically feasible locations for an offshore wind farm in Bermuda.

Key points from the study are as follows:

  • “The location assessment has been carried out by BVG Associates, who have decades of experience in the offshore wind industry, including in the design of offshore wind turbines.
  • “The study has identified four potential locations that could be suitable for a 60MW offshore wind farm. These generally show good agreement with other work that has been done in this area by the RAB and UCSB.
  • “The study primarily considered technical constraints associated with turbine installation and operation. It also considered a range of environmental and social constraints, based on collaboration with BOPP.
  • “Forecast electricity costs from an offshore wind farm in Bermuda are largely unchanged from previous estimates, and are likely to range from $0.147 – $0.165/kWh. Electricity costs for most sites fall at the lower end of this range, with costs at the higher end of the range expected if the wind farm were to be located at Challenger Bank.
  • “Based on our own analysis of BELCo’s current costs, at the point of generation, offshore wind could provide electricity that is about 30% cheaper than generating electricity from fuel oil.

“The fourth study, an annual energy production analysis using commercially available wind resource data, is currently in progress and will be published in the coming weeks.

Click here to download the Bermuda Offshore Wind: Location Assessment.”

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