BNAA Botanical Gardens Cross Country Results
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BNAA Botanical Gardens Cross Country Results

The third cross country meet of the year by the Bermuda National Athletics Association was held at the Botanical Gardens.

In the Under 17 Women’s 2 Mile Run, Amaris Munya clinched first place with a time of 13:32.23. Following her, Jaeda Grant took second place finishing at 14:16.61, and Carina Bortoli secured third with a time of 14:20.02.

The Under 17 Men’s 2 Mile race saw Khari Sharrieff emerge victorious, recording a time of 11:53.35. Tobiah Goodchild earned the runner-up spot with 12:20.02, while Surii Russell claimed third place at 14:13.31.

Kelise Wade triumphed in the Under 14 Girls 2 Mile race, marking the finish line at 5:22.89. Riana Robinson came in second with a time of 15:27.01, and Zaria Codrington was third in a time of 16:45.28.

The Under 14 Boys 2 Mile race was dominated by Chavi Pacheco-Hill, who won with a time of 12:57.61. Timothy Pearman was second in 14:55.23, and Oliver Thompson rounded out the top three, finishing at 14:58.26.

The full 2023 BNAA Cross Country November 4th Results follows below [PDF here]:

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