Black Pony Gallery Makes International Debut
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Black Pony Gallery Makes International Debut

The Black Pony Gallery, led by Lisa Howie, made its international debut at the FUZE Art Expo in Nassau, presenting artists Dede Brown, HezronH, and Niels Reyes, and announced plans to feature Bermudian artists at Miami Basel Art Week in December 2023.

Black Pony Gallery’s installation at FUZE Art Expo in the Bahamas in October 2023

A spokesperson said, “Making its international debut at the FUZE Art Expo at BaHaMar Nassau last month, Black Pony Gallery was one of few galleries/ art projects not based in The Bahamas. Toted as a culinary arts festival, the event featured celebrity chefs who drew audiences from all over the world.

“This is exactly what is needed for the contemporary visual artist scene in the Caribbean mid-Atlantic region. A megaship hotel hosting a bigwig event that brings foodies and cultural-philes from afar to invest in their creative pursuits like cooking and art collecting,” said Lisa Howie, the founding director of Black Pony Gallery.

Lisa Howie with artists HezronH, Dede Brown, Niels Reyes

Black Pony Gallery Bermuda Nov 10 2023 2

“Black Pony Gallery presented three artists from three islands: Dede Brown [The Bahamas], HezronH [Turks & Caicos] and Niels Reyes [Cuba], each addressing the human subject in various painting methods.”

Ms Howie said, “We had an excellent location and eye-catching, easy to understand artworks that drew guests to our space. People were very interested in the goal of the gallery—to present emerging to established artists from the Caribbean mid-Atlantic—while also enjoying the business approach: a virtual gallery collaborating with partners who have tangible spaces.

“We did well financially and, importantly, we worked well as a team. The artists were actively involved in installation and public engagement. Working with this level of maturity and commitment made a big difference to the heavy lift of a project like this.

“In my discussions, I lead in with Bermuda, which continues to draw fascination and stories. We are a special place no doubt. Bermuda can produce an event like FUZE if determined to do so.”

Ms Howie added that the next step will be the Black Pony Gallery announcing a “new partnership and a remarkable opportunity set in the context of Miami Basel Art Week,” in December 2023, with Bermudian artists to be featured.

FUZE panel discussion with moderator Royann Dean (ONWRD), Lisa Howie (Black Pony Gallery), Edie Myer (Scope Art Fair), Amanda Coulson (Tern Gallery), John Cox (founder of FUZE and The Current Gallery)

Black Pony Gallery Bermuda Nov 10 2023 3

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