BELCO: Philippe Preparedness And Advice
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BELCO: Philippe Preparedness And Advice

BELCO today advised that preparations are being made for Tropical Storm Philippe and offered advice for property owners in advance of the storm.

A spokesperson said, “BELCO’s Crisis Management Team has been convened to coordinate preparations ahead of possible impacts from Tropical Storm Philippe and will continue to meet frequently until the storm has passed.

“As a reminder, the public can take the following actions to ensure their safety and allow BELCO crews to carry out any required restoration work safely and efficiently:

  • “Safety first! Always assume a downed wire is live. Never approach a downed wire, try to move it or touch it.
  • “Reporting outages: customers with AMI meters will already be logged as having an outage. Other customers are asked not to call to report an outage until BELCO has asked you to do so.
  • “Remember, before the onset of high winds, ensure you unplug any appliances, electronics or other sensitive equipment.

“While the time for tree trimming prior Tropical Storm Philippe’s arrival has passed, customers are reminded that the most important action residents can take to prepare is to ensure trees on their property are clear of power lines.

“During the high winds from the three previous storms impacting Bermuda this season, Hurricane Franklin, Tropical Storm Idalia and Hurricane Lee, most outages were caused by foliage and loose debris hitting power lines. Ensuring that trees on private property remain 10 feet away from power lines is the sole responsibility of property owners. Property owners can call [295-5111] or email [] three weeks In advance to schedule a power shutdown in order to trim safely.

“If Bermuda is impacted by Tropical Storm Philippe which results in power outages, restoration crews start work as soon as it is declared safe to do so and continue until every customer has had power restored.

“The public can get storm preparedness advice and updates on any outages on BELCO’s website and social media pages on Facebook and X [formerly Twitter].”

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “Bermuda has certainly had a busy storm season this year and the latest forecast from the Bermuda Weather Service is for Tropical Storm Philippe to possibly strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane and pass directly over the island on Friday.

“Our team at BELCO are well prepared and closely monitoring the storm and our Crisis Management Team will be meeting frequently until the threat has passed. Once the storm has passed, BELCO staff certainly appreciate the patience and understanding of the public as we work to get everyone’s power restored as quickly and safely as possible.”

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